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Tips / Tricks / Rebates

The best way to help keep your water bill low is to invest in conservation.  When water rates increase, an efficient customer sees a smaller increase than a non-efficient customer.


Take It From the Tap

Switching to tap water saves money, reduces waste and helps protect our valuable resources.


Free Conservation Hardware

Free showerheads, aerators and toilet leak dye tabs available at the District office.


Receive $0.50 per square foot of qualify turf replacement.  Program and funding restriction apply.  Contact us for details and to schedule the mandatory pre and/or post inspection.

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Rebate application and list of eligible machines.

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Learn about conservation throughout Sonoma and Marin, plus many tips and tricks.


When purchasing new water using devices look for the EPA WaterSense Label.  Toilets, showerheads, irrigation controller, and more are tested for water savings.


Indoor, outdoor and kids information regarding conservation.

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