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For the time being, Valley of the Moon Water District Board meetings are being held as a hybrid of in-person and electronic, remote formats. Pursuant to Government Code section 54953(e), and in light of the declared state of emergency, public meetings may be conducted telephonically or by other electronic means so long as the public is offered the ability to observe and comment on the proceedings. The District still has business to conduct and its meetings remain available to the public. If the public wishes to participate in this public meeting remotely, please join the meeting using the teleconference instructions below.

Members of the Board

Zoom Teleconferencing Instructions:
• To attend the meeting on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone it is recommended that you download the free Zoom application before the meeting starts: Zoom
• From the Zoom application enter the https:// link and Meeting ID listed on the Agenda.
To Call-In to the Meeting by Phone:
• By Calling: the one of the telephone numbers found on the agenda.
• When prompted enter the Meeting ID found on the agenda.

Helpful Tips During the Meeting:
• Members of the public may join up to 10 minutes before the meeting starts.
• When you call in you may hear staff or the Board talking but everyone else will be put on mute until the President calls for Public Comment.
• Please keep your phone or electronic device on “mute” to help limit background noise, unless speaking.
• Please do not place the call on “hold” if participating by phone.
• It is recommended you follow along on the agenda with can be found here:
• The Board President will call for the Agenda Item
• The Board Secretary will Read the Agenda Item and Staff report
• The Board President will call for Board Comment and discussion, Board Member can raise their hand in the Zoom App to be recognized.
• The Board Secretary will un-mute Board Members for comment and discussion
• The Board President will call for Public Comment
o The Board Secretary will read any comments submitted via email at
o The Board Secretary will read any public comments submitted via the chat window in Zoom or
unmute for verbal comment to the Board when hand is raised in the Zoom App. Please limit comments to three minutes.
o For those attending via telephone please submit comments via email right up to the time of the
public comments on the agenda item and the Board Secretary will read to the Board.

Your participation and comments are welcome and appreciated!

USPS Mailing Address: VOMWD - PO Box 280 - El Verano, CA 95433

Physical & Parcel Address: VOMWD - 19039 Bay Street - Sonoma, CA 95476

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