Leak Adjustment Request

Did you have property side leak / break in your plumbing?  You may qualify for a one-time adjustment.


Criteria to qualify:

  1. Customer shall notify District, in writing, of water loss from a property side leak within thirty days from the
    billing date for the period in which the water loss occurred. The water loss adjustment shall be limited to one
    adjustment in a thirty-six-month period per customer, and the adjustment shall be made for a single billing
    period only.

  2. The District determines that there is a property side leak and the approximate rate of leakage by observing
    conditions at the property and meter operation.

  3. There must be evidence that excessive use of water was not due to the customer’s willful or neglectful acts, or
    failure of due diligence on the part of the consumer. 

  4. Customer must permanently fix the leak within 72 hours of the leak becoming known.

  5. Leaks caused by a customer’s contractor or service provider are not eligible for an adjustment.

  6. The District determines that the bill is excessive in that it does not truly reflect the amount of water that has
    been beneficially used by the customer.

  7. Customer’s water usage is 33% higher than typical for that billing period.

  8. The District shall require repair bills or other appropriate documentation substantiating the repair of the property side leak prior to approving a claim for adjustment.

  9. For leaks in excess of 50,000 gallons, the customer shall submit a claim through their homeowners’ insurance
    prior to submitting a District leak adjustment application.

  10. Customer shall submit a District leak adjustment form and appropriate documentation.  Documentation must
    include one or more of the following: receipt for parts used or picture clearly showing what repair was made.

  11. The District must be satisfied that the leak problems that resulted in a request for an adjustment have been properly repaired or resolved.  District will dispatch a representative to the property to verify no further leaks exist. A determination of whether an adjustment is granted shall be made by the General Manager or his designee and shall be final.  In making the determination, the District will consider all circumstances surrounding the request.


Should you qualify for an adjustment, the following shows how it would be calculated:

The customer’s average bill will be calculated based on usage over the immediately preceding three-year period
using the same three billing periods from each year. If such records of usage do not exist, the District will
average available water usage history. Any usage during the period in question, which is over the calculated
average, will be considered to be caused by the leak and called “overage”.

Bill Adjustment = Overage x (Rate of District’s Tier 2 water per 1,000 gallons - Rate of District’s Tier 1 water per
1,000 gallons)

In the event of an emergency scenario (fire, earthquake, etc.) where excessive water use occurred through no
fault of the customer, the District may grant an adjustment of the water bill.

Click here for the application form.  Please submit to customerservice@vomwd.com when complete.